Gabriel Koulikov (changethesystem) wrote,
Gabriel Koulikov

Half Past Midnight: Chapter 24

Chapter 24


"Welcome to the land of the living, Sleepy."

Hey; I recognize that voice.

I tried to move, but moving hurt.

I felt cold. Like there was cold and wet on my head.


"You hit your head." She massaged my chest with her palm. "But it's alright, Gabz. You're with me." I saw a blurry smile.

The world reformed around me. Ceiling. Cammie. Lamp. I slowly tilted my neck. I was in Cammie's room.

"I put an ice compress with camphor on your bump in the night." She giggled. How Inappropriate, I thought.

"I've got you right where I want you." She raised her eyebrows, then started climbing on top of me.

"I thought I was dead."

She looked me up and down. "No, my . . . man. You are very much alive." Pause. "Breathing." Pause. "Throbbing with blood and warmth."


She put her finger on my mouth. "Shh. Injured boy needs his rest." She spoke slowly and deliberately. Leaning in closer, closer. Warm breath.

Then she was kissing me. And we were kissing. Really kissing this time. I put my hand to her hair, to her back. It was so passionate, so . . .

What in the world is that smell?

"Hey, you're awake!"

I sat up with a start. Cammie was... not on top of me kissing.

Ⓐ Gabriel Koulikov
Tags: hpm, koulikovianism, pa

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