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Half Past Midnight: Chapter 25

Chapter 25

"Yes. I'm wide awake now."

"Hey." She smiled lovingly. Is she flushing over me? "Yeah, you kinda passed out a minute ago."

I looked left, then right, then "How did you get me to your room?"

"I'm a strong girl." She placed my hand on her upper arm, pressing it against it, flexing. Oh, wow. She is pretty buff now. Wow . . . it really has been a while. "I mean woman . . . yes, you called me a woman before."

I didn't know what to say. "Um . . . am I really awake this time?"

She shoved smelling salts to my nose.

"Woah!" I backed up, they were so strong. "Yeah, I believe it! I believe you! I'm awake." And I was; boy was I awake. Like from a good night sleep.

"You knocked over the ice pack I was using to keep down the swelling." She pointed to her head, then to a place on her bed. I took it, and put it to my head, awkwardly, thinking. Thinking.

"Um . . . how long was I out?"

"I don't know. Maybe five minutes." She turned to put down the smelling salts. "I figured, since you were breathing, it would be better to try to wake you before calling . . ." she turned back, ". . . someone."

She skipped to the edge of the bed in one bound. Giddy. Hyper.

"How much blood did I lose?"

"Blood?" She looked at me like I was still passed out. "Oh, no, you didn't lose any blood." She lightly brisked away my ice hand from my wound. "See?" She held up a hand mirror. Turned my head for a better look. There was only a single red dot with assorted irritation, but . . . yeah, nothing enough to have been bleeding profusely through, no different clothes, no lightheadedness or throbbing pain.

And it was lower down the side of my face than I remembered it.

"Wait . . . five minutes since I hit my head?"

"Yeah, that's what I just said." She was smiling like she was in love.

I put the ice pack back to work, and turned so my legs were dangling off the bed. "Oh . . . kay."

"What? Why; what did you think happened?"

I looked at her, saw genuine curiosity, and looked forward. Did not want to share. "Nothing." I looked at her again, beginning to feel a little guilty. "I had a dream."

"Oh?" She sat next to me, curious. "What about?"

"Just . . . a conversation I thought we had."

"Really?" She was really happy. "Well, I locked the door, so you know I'm serious. And that you're not going anywhere." She lay back. "So let's have a conversation. You and I."

"Also, we kissed again."

"Oh, Gabe dreaming of kissing his female friends," she spoke, her expression unchanged. "What else is new?"

That actually got me to laugh a little. I'm glad I feel good and awake . . . minus a slight pain in the head. Slight . . . .

I lay back. Turned to her, ice pack in my face. "Um, can we change spots?"



Turn again. Smile. "It was really good."


"The kiss."

"Yeah, it was." She smiled, euphorically looking at the ceiling.

I meant the dream kiss. I looked at her more closely. Oh . . . .

"I have to tell you now." She looked at me. "I did kiss you while you were sleeping."

Oh . . . wow . . . . I looked up. "No wonder it was . . ." Facing her again. ". . . so . . . good."

We stared at each other for too long after that.

Ⓐ Gabriel Koulikov
Tags: hpm, koulikovianism, pa

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