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Systemic Change

for a systemic problem

Gabriel Koulikov
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Purposive Fiction

Fiction projects by doubleg

Everything on this journal, including but not limited to all entries/fiction/writings, are anti-copyright and copyleft Gabriel Koulikov (Ⓐ) unless noted otherwise. (note: I've yet to change most older entries to reflect this, so my former "copyright" is the only "otherwise noted" that doesn't count)

While you need not obtain my consent to copy, print, modify, spin off of, or distribute my work, I would like to be notified should anyone happen to do so; e-mail, Facebook, or a comment at an appropriate entry is best. I am interested in even "minute" mileage my work might be getting in any format or community. And, for common courtesy, please include my name and this website with each copy made, so that people may find the rest of my work more easily. Sharing links does this automatically; go internet.

[Note: many of these are working titles.]
-And PLEASE LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK! The more feedback, the better.

*Table of Contents*


-Primary Historical Context: Intro
--The Primary Method of Reproduction: chapters- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
-Prolonged Agony: Intro
--Half Past Midnight: chapters- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26; (older versions: 8, 9)
--Conversations with God
-505~505'(Interlinguistic Communication)
-Binhex Corruption
*False Religion: Summary
-Natalise: Intro
--The Hunger Pangs of Conception: chapters- 1
--The Compassion of Power
-Concerning Bipentahexadecimal, "the language of the world." (BPHD)
--Note: The descriptions of Ancient Bipentahexadecimal are only loosely based on Baseline BPHD; Ancient, Baseline, and Modern BPHD should all be considered separate languages. Koulikovianism is the conworld associated with my conlang.
-Concerning Triquadra, "the knowledge of the Gods."
-The Triquadric Calendar of Perfection, the comprehensive timekeeping system used by the first human beings on Earth.

Global Insanity
*Timeline Summary: U'Manae, Lillil-Xivos and the J'Naii, Humanity on Earth, Engineering God and the Battle of Armageddon and then God really Coming, 1000 years of peace (and corruption slowly growing with that), the Space Era and Return to Earth (Cleverchild Project Summary), Subversion of Space govt. into "cancer of society" and elimination of ekaphysics unto a loop of history
-Short Stories (listed in chronological order):
--You-topia (U'M): Part A (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), E (1, 2, 3, ), I, O, U, sometimes Y
--...And Then There Were None. (U'M/L-X crossover)
--Several other ideas, as yet unnamed.
-Movies and TV shows

Humanity's Final Destiny
-Andrea's Journal
--2003: 2-2, 2-4, 2-7, 2-9, 2-10, 2-12
-Julian's Journal
-Paradise Redefined
--Chapters: 1.1
*Montessori by Guy Jack MacKaye **NEW!**


American Superhero

Fiction Science
-The Ultimate Science Fiction Film! Weaves together a story told through the eyes of every single subgenre of science fiction simultaneously.

Engineering Society (series of shorts)


The Scientific Method: A Novel Divisible (meaning each segment stands by itself)
Part 1: Truth Is Consistency
Intellectual Isolation, Top-Down, , The Normal Rhythm, Inside-Out, Pity those who fail to think... appropriately?,
-Companion film shorts: The Feral Student, Feral Student 2: Housebreaking
*This is the main ISA / PS A/R novel.

~: A Novel of Perceptive Perspectives (meaning that each segment is told purely from a single character's point of view and perception)
Seminoe (Prologue), Amyg Dala (1),

D is for Dystopia
-A campy novela exaggerating current social trends to the Nth degree to the '80s-- 2080s, and how simply learning and academics and writing to "expose" such corruption ("investigative journalism") grind the protagonist into futile non-impact in a thoroughly irrational world.

L is for Loser
-The not-so-campy "whodunnit" sequel of individualism and reconstructing history in a robbed and depopulated Africa, of a protagonist who refuses to give into the pervasive defeatism and shortest-term survival mentality present in all around her just to ask a question... any question. (twice further to the future than D, ~2150, I suppose illustrating the utter failure of the prequel's protagonist)


*Chronological by date: 7-10-02, 8-4-02, 8-20-02, 8-25-02, 8-26-02, 8-29-02, 9-9-02, 9-10-02, 9-11-02, 9-15-02: 1, 2; 9-20-02, 9-30-02: Strawberry Cream, 10-2-02: Organic Chemistry Spinner Haiku, 10-5-02, 10-9-02: mRNA, 10-13-07, 10-18-02, 10-27-02: Ultimate Hybrid Poem #1, 10-28-02, 11-2-02, 11-12-02, 12-8-02, 12-15-02: Gabe’s First Car Accident, 12-17-02, 1-16-03: No More..., 1-17-03, 1-18-03, 2-6-03, 2-12-03, 2-14-03: Random Thoughts I, 3-4-03: Friends of Destiny and Me, 4-19-03, 4-20-03: Basidiomycota, 6-10-03, 9-23-03, 11-25-03, 12-19-03: What Happened to Us?, 1-4-04: Impossibility Squared, 10-29-04, 5-22-05, 3-31-06: Oxalic Acid and the Foods of Destruction, 4-5-06: “Tell me what an activist looks like?” or “Oh activist, mine activist”, 6-6-06, 4-28-07: life'v main, 9-22-07: Shame, 10-8-07: Untitled, [Under] Constant Attack; 12-15-07: Earthenware Interlocutor, 4-18-08: i am everyone, 5-6-08: I really don't want to leave this untitled., 5-18-08: pummeled demons pity where fall hurt, 8-21-08: HK-2012, 9-14-08: My Escape Hatch, 9-23-08: I still miss having close friends., 10-9-08: Yom Kippur, 1-4-09: Writer's Block, 2-8-09, 4-6-09: Caller ID, 4-12-09: To: my purportedly "Christian friends", 5-3-09: Lost Love and Friendship Fallen, 12-11-09: Stone, 1-24-10: Fall and flutter, 9-2-10: For ARG and me; experiment non-number(3)¡, 9-3-11: Symphronous,

Star Trek Fan Fiction

Prequel novels (duology):

The Last of Our So-Called World Wars:

Prologue: 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 1-1, 1-#, 1-last, 2-1, 2-2,
2009-2024 Political Economy: "Sow the wind..."
2024-2046 "...reap the whirlwind."; Unintended Consequences
2046-2063 A War to End All Wars

Where Men Have Gone Before:

2063-2094 Divided We Fall...
2095-2119 Together We Rise
2119-2151 ...United We Stand

Short stories:

"The Halliburton Guide to Light Arms Manufacture and Distribution"


Unpublished nonfiction?

This blog is to showcase and get feedback on various fictional projects while they are still in progress. None of the works are currently complete.

Each major segment will get it's own entry. There will be an "author's summary/description" preceeding certain entries where appropriate. Each "segment" will be divided up logically for increased ease/simplicity of navigation and feedback. Links to every entry, including the summaries, will be found on this userinfo page.

Please e-mail me if you want to work together with me on any of the above (collaboration, funding, publishing, marketing, etc.), or if you have broader suggestions than any entry subsumes.

Ⓐ Gabriel Koulikov

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